DCS equipment

Equipment List

 Red Epic-X

1x S35 MYSTERIUM-X brain with PL mount
1x 5″ LCD, 1x REDMOTE
1x Side SSD Module,
1x Module Adaptor
1x Pro Battery Module,
2x REDVOLT standard batteries,
1x travel charger.
Canon mount
Canon mount
Red Matte box
128 GB SSD card (2)
64 GB SSD card
ac power Epic
SSD station 1.8 (SSD downloads)
2B-to-1B-Power-Adaptor (allows Red batteries to be used with Epic)
10′ LCD CABLE (For use in battery only jib configuration)

Red One Camera w/MX Sensor

w/ CF Module, Tape Hook, and Body Cap
Base production pack with top rails
Red EVF w/EVF Cable
Red 7″ LCD w/LCD Cable
B4B 150Wh batteries (4)
Pro-X dual battery adaptor (allows battery change without camera shutdown)
(4) Mini XLR Cables 
(4) Mini BNC to BNC Adapter
8GB CF Cards (2)
16GB CF Cards (3)
320 gb Red Drive w/Drive Cables
Quickplate 1
18″ 19mm rod set 2
Top mounts 19mm 2
Top Handle 1
Handheld Bracket 1

RED Pro Primes

18mm T1.8 1
25mm T1.8 1
35mm T1.8 1
50mm T1.8 1
85mm T1.8 1
100mm T1.8 1
300mm T2.9 1
Red null lens (Back focus)

Birger Mount Adapts Canon Lenses to Red One

View Factor Imperio Wireless Follow Focus of Birger mount

Still and HD Camera

Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Canon Speedlite Transmitter ST-E2
Canon Speedlite 580EX II Flash (2)
TC-80N3 Timer controller

Canon lenses and etcs
Canon L-series 16-35 L II Lens
Canon L-series 35-70mm Lens
Canon L-series 70-200mm IS II Lens
Canon EF 50 mm F1.4
Canon EF 75-300mm
Peleng 8mm fisheye
Tiffen 72mm Screw on Polarizer
Tiffen 72mm Screw on Soft Contrast 2
Tiffen 72mm Screw on Fog #3
Tiffen 72mm Screw on Star 44pt.3mm
Tiffen 72mm Screw on Softnet 3b
Tiffen 72mm Screw on Enhancing
(2) 72mm Screw on .3 ND
(2) 72mm Screw on .6 ND
(2) 72mm Screw on .9 ND

Lens Support

Red 4×5.6 MATTE BOX Dual stage

Redrock 4×5.6 Studio Mattebox

Top Eyebrow 1
Side Eyebrows 2


4×5.6 ND3 1
4×5.6 ND6 1
4×5.6 ND9 1

Rosco Tru Color 4×5.65 Hot Mirror IRND


Redrock microRemote System (Wireless follow focus)



Redrock Micro Microtape  (Sonar Range finder)

Lazer range finder

Cinevate Duras Follow focus

Camera Support

ProLine Raven Steadicam (Max 45lb payload)

Josh Vol Walk 01

Gearnex Geared Head Ver 2 with 100 or 150mm Ball mount

ITE Tripod with 150mm bowl

Stanton Jimmy Jib With Kessler Revolution Head and Oracle controller
5 Foot Kessler Cineslider w Revolution Head and dual programable Oracle motion controllers

(2) Bogan model 116 fluid head tripods

6″ 150mm Ball mount High hat
(3) DCS apple boxes (8″, 4″, 2″)


Epic AC power
FC-BP4 Battery Quad Charger 1
FD-BP160SL batteries 160wH with LCD Readouts 4
Red AC power Ver 1
Red AC power Ver 2
Battery Belt clip
Switronix Dual Hotswap Adaptor


Paralinx Arrow Plus 1:2 (Wireless HD transmission)

Paralinx Crossbow (HD SDI)

Curtis 19″ LED viewing monitor
Hann 17″ viewing monitor


Macbook Pro 17″ (backup and review) with Express-port to dual e-sata adapter (AC or battery)
Maxx Digital 1 TB Edit Vault (Backup) E-sata input
G-Speed 1 TB mini raid (Backup) E-sata input
Nexto DI 500 GB (Backup) E-sata input, CF reader (AC or battery)
Nexto Extreme 500 GB (Backup) E-sata input CF reader (AC or battery)

Lexar CF reader


arri sun 12 1.2K HMI with stand and 4 delusion filters

Rosco LitePad HO LED Gaffers Kit (12 lights)

Cool lites 600w daylight (4) with stands

Cool lites 2000w Daylight (2) with stands and 24″ soft boxes
Colortran production Kit (3) 1k (2) 500w (3200 Kelvin)
Assorted 3200 degree lights
Two 4’x4 gel frames (Defusion or ND)
4 c-stands
(4) Sandbags
California sun bounce (Large reflector)


Rode NTG-3 w/blimp
K-Tek K-102 Boom pole W/coiled cable
Boom Kit Cool Boompole support system

Sound design 302 3-channel field mixer

(2) Sony ECM-30 Lapel Microphones
Azden 320UPR wireless Dual transmitter/receiver
AKG C2000B

Post production tools

Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut studio 7

Adobe CS6 Production Suite

DeVinci Resolve 10 color color correction and grading

Tangent Wave color grading controler
Monitor Panasonic 11 series 50″ Plasma 10-bit w/dual hd-sdi
Red Rocket Card for real time Red playback

AJA Kona Le

G-tech 12 TB Raid 5
G-tech 6 TB Raid 1